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Table 4 Details of the selected references

From: Characterization of small genomic regions of the hepatitis B virus should be performed with more caution

Genotype References Accession number
A A_1 AY233274
A_2 EU594383
A_3 AM184125
A_4 AM180623
A_5 FJ692554
A_6 GQ331046
B B_1 AB602818
B_2 JN792902
C C_1 GQ358154
C_2 GQ358158
C_3 EU939536
C_4 EU410081
D D_1 EU594396
D_2 EU594398
D_3 EU594434
D_4 GQ922005
D_5 GQ205388
E E_1 AB032431
E_2 AB09125
E_3 AB091256
E_4 AB106564
E_5 AB194947
F F_1 EU670262
F_2 X75663
F_3 X75658
G G_1 AB064313
G_2 AF160501
H H_1 AY090454
H_2 FJ356716