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Fig. 4

From: The eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1A regulation of actin stress fibers is important for infectious RSV production

Fig. 4

Did B treatment reduced RSV cytotoxic effects and virus release without affecting RNA genome replication or transcription. HEp-2 cells were infected with RSV at a MOI 1 and were treated 2 h later with 2.5 nM Did B, DMSO as a vehicle control or untreated. Cell culture supernatants were collected at 24 and 48 h p.i. a Cell death was quantified by lacto dehydrogenase (LDH) release. b The release of infectious virus was quantified using an immuno-plaque assay. c Viral genomic RNA released into the supernatant was quantified by RT-qPCR using primers to the RSV N gene quantified against a known copy number standard. d Total RNA was extracted from the same cells and RT-qPCR performed to quantify RSV N mRNA and (e) RSV genomic RNA. Copy number was calculated against a known copy number standard for both RSV and β-actin and expressed as a ratio of RSV/β-actin. Data are presented as the mean values of the experiments. The ** and **** symbols indicate P values of < 0.01 and < 0.0001 respectively

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