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Table 2 HA1 mutations in influenza B virus isolates of the Yamagata lineage

From: Analysis of influenza B virus lineages and the HA1 domain of its hemagglutinin gene in Guangzhou, southern China, during 2016

Isolate HA1 mutations
12 187a 226 232 266a
B/Phuket/3073/2013 T L K N M
B/Guangzhou/41/2016 M Q V
B/Guangzhou/65/2016 M Q V
B/Guangzhou/67/2016 M Q V
B/Guangzhou/17/2016 Q R V
B/Guangzhou/19/2016 Q R V
B/Guangzhou/12/2016 Q D V
  1. amutation was observed in all 9 isolates