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Fig. 1

From: A new hepatitis E virus genotype 2 strain identified from an outbreak in Nigeria, 2017

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic relationships of NG/17–0500 within the species Orthohepevirus A. HEV-2 strains are designated with geno/subtype, accession number, country, and collection year. NG/17–0500 of this study is shown in red. Phylogenetic analyses were performed with MEGA software version 7.0.26. Maximum likelihood trees based on General Time Reversible model with Gamma distributed with Invariant sites was inferred. The values at nodes indicate the bootstrap values (using 1000 replications). Values below 70% are hidden for clarity of presentation. Reference sequences for HEV genotypes were as proposed from the ICTV Hepeviridae Study Group. Nucleotide (nt) and amino acid (aa) sequences were aligned using MAFFT software version 7.222. a Phylogenetic relationships based on complete genome sequences of representative HEV reference strains. HEV-2 strains are highlighted with red branches. b Phylogenetic relationships based on 641 nt of ORF 2 corresponding to nt positions 6453 to 7093 (numbered according to the HEV prototype strain from Burma GenBank accession No. M73218). HEV-2b strains are highlighted with red branches

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