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Fig. 1

From: RIG-I is responsible for activation of type I interferon pathway in Seneca Valley virus-infected porcine cells to suppress viral replication

Fig. 1

Generation of a RIG-I KO PK-15 cell line by CRISPR/Cas9 system. a The electrophoresis results of the T7E1 assay. Red arrow showed PCR amplicons and green arrow indicated the cleaved fragments. b The sgRNA3 targeted sequences in the RIG-I gene. GGG (green) was the PAM locus. A bi-allelic modifications were presented in KO-1# and KO-2#. The dashed line (red) respresented deletion and highlighted bases indicated indels. c Sanger sequencing results showing the indels into the two alleles. d Western bloting analysis of RIG-I expression in the RIG-I KO and WT PK-15 cells. β-actin was used to normalize the protein loading quantities

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