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Fig. 2

From: Histone acetyl transferase TIP60 inhibits the replication of influenza a virus by activation the TBK1-IRF3 pathway

Fig. 2

The overexpression of TIP60 inhibited IAV infection. A549 and 293 T cells (4 × 105) were transfected with empty plasmid pcDNA3.0-HA (Vector) or pcDNA3.0-HA containing TIP60 (TIP60) for 48 h. Cells were then infected with IAV virus (MOI = 1), the culture medium and the cells were harvested separately after 8 h,12 h or only 12 h. (a and c) The cells were lysed for western blotting and detected exogenousTIP60 and NP proteins. (b and d) The infectious viral loads in the cell supernatants were determined by TCID50 analysis using 96-well plates. Data are mean ± SD of three independent experiments. Two-way ANOVA test; *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01

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