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Fig. 4

From: Glycan binding patterns of human rotavirus P[10] VP8* protein

Fig. 4

Homology modeling of P [10] VP8* and structural analysis. a The homology model for P [10] VP8* was shown in surface representation (colored cyan). The surface amino acid residues corresponding to the glycan binding site in P [19] VP8* are underlined and colored blue. b Superimposition of P [10] VP8* (cyan) with P [19] VP8*-core 2 (green; PDB ID 5VKI). The core 2 binding interfaces for the two genotypes and the amino acids involved are shown. The two residues (Met167, Gln172) in P [10] VP8* that was different to those in P [19] VP8* (Leu167,Arg172) were colored red. c Sequence alignment of VP8* proteins of RV P [10] and P [19]

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