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Fig. 2

From: Isolation and characterization of novel reassortant H6N1 avian influenza viruses from chickens in Eastern China

Fig. 2

A simplified schematic showing the putative genomic composition of the novel reassortant H6N1 avian influenza viruses, ZJ-1664 and ZJ-1667. The eight gene segments (from top to bottom) in each virus are polymerase basic protein 2 (PB2), polymerase basic protein 1(PB1), polymerase acidic protein (PA), hemagglutinin (HA), nucleocapsid protein (NP), neuraminidase (NA), matrix protein (M), and nonstructural protein (NS). Each color represents a separate virus background. Mongolia/520/2015, A/duck/Mongolia/520/2015(H1N1); Mongolia/66/2015, A/duck/Mongolia/66/2015(H10N2); Hubei/ZYSYG15/2015, A/duck/Hubei /ZYSYG15/2015(H6N2); Korea/SK14/2014, A/wild bird/Korea/SK14/2014(H1N1); Wuhan/WHHN16/2014, A/wild bird/Wuhan/WHHN16/2014(H1N1); Mongolia/543/2015, A/duck/Mongolia/543/2015(H4N6). The illustration is based on the nucleotide-distance comparison and phylogenetic analysis

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