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Table 1 Identity and origin of the sequences analysed in the study

From: Bovine leukemia virus long terminal repeat variability: identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms in regulatory sequences

GenBank accession no Collection date Geographic origin & voivodeship Genotype Identity code & source
MH423660 2013 Poland: Kuyavian-Pomeranian 4-III 0221AGD_K-P, this work
MH423661 Poland: Kuyavian-Pomeranian 4-III 0222GD_K_P, this work
MH407744 Poland: Silesian 4-II 020B_S, this work
MH423662 Poland: Lower Silesian 8-I 0139O_L_S, this work
MH423663 Poland: Lower Silesian 8-I 0135O_L_S, this work
MH423664 Poland: Lower Silesian 8-I 0133O_L_S, this work
MH423665 Poland: Lower Silesian 8-I 0132O_L_S, this work
MH423666 Poland: Podlaskie 8-I 019WM_P, this work
MH423667 Poland: Podlaskie 7-I 0184S_P, this work
MH423668 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 030O_W-M, this work
MH423669 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-III 3208M_W-M, this work
MH423670 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-III 3206M_W-M, this work
MH423653 2014 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 8-I 0405W_W-M, this work
MH423654 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 4W_W-M, this work
MH423655 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 0071B_W-M, this work
MH423656 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 0072B_W-M, this work
MH407735 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-II 0253G_W-M, this work
MH407736 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-II 0252G_W-M, this work
MH748226 Poland: Podlaskie 7-II 03511M_P, this work
MH423657 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-II 0242K_W-M, this work
MH423658 Poland: Podlaskie 7-I 03513M_P, this work
MH407742 Poland: Silesian 4-II 0741M_S, this work
MH407743 Poland: Silesian 4-II 053K_S, this work
MH423659 Poland: Lodz 4-III 047P_Lodz, this work
MH423647 2015 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 0094B_W-M, this work
MH423648 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 0101B_W-M, this work
MH423649 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 0102B_W-M, this work
MH423650 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 017B_W-M, this work
MH423651 Poland: Podlaskie 8-I 0081Z_P, this work
MH407740 Poland: Silesian 4-II 0131Z_S, this work
MH407741 Poland: Silesian 4-II 026Z_S, this work
MH423652 Poland: Lublin 8-I 011TL_L, this work
MH407738 2016 Poland: Podlaskie 4-I 035S_P, this work
MH423633 Poland: Greater Poland 4-I 015P_G_P, this work
MH423634 Poland: Podlaskie 4-I 0168BP_P, this work
MH423635 Poland: Podlaskie 4-I 0167BP_P, this work
MH423636 Poland: Podlaskie 4-I 0166BP_P, this work
MH423637 Poland: Podlaskie 4-I 01610BP_P, this work
MH423638 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 7-I 019W_W-M, this work
MH423639 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 8-I 010W_W-M, this work
MH423640 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 038W_W-M, this work
MH423641 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-III 0371B_W-M, this work
MH423642 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-III 0374B_W-M, this work
MH423643 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-III 0378B_W-M, this work
MH423644 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 009B_W-M, this work
MH423645 Poland: Warmian-Masurian 4-I 006B_W-M, this work
MH423646 Poland: Kuyavian-Pomeranian 4-I 014NN_K-P, this work
MG407617 2012 Moldova: Region Hincesti 7-II 13MD, this work
MG407616 Moldova: Region Hincesti 7-II 16MD, this work
MG407618 Moldova: Region Riscani 7-II 1MD, this work
MG407619 Moldova: Region Riscani 4-III 8MD, this work
MH423631 2009 Croatia 8-II VRA_Cro, this work
MH423630 Croatia 8-II ORA_Cro, this work
MH423632 Ukraine: Rivnenska Oblast 4-III 42UA_Ukr, this work
MH423671 Russia: Kurgan area 4-IV 3K_Rus, this work
MH423672 Russia: Chyelabinsk 4-III 4Z_Rus, this work
MH423673 Russia: Krasnodar Territory 4-III 5.RU_Rus, this work
MH423674 Russia: Tyumen 4-IV 6T_Rus, this work
MH423675 Russia: Chyelabinsk 4-III 8Ch_Rus, this work
MH407739 Poland: West Pomeranian 7-I 146_W_P, this work
MH407737 Poland: Opole 4-II 301_O, this work
MH423676 Poland: Greater Poland 4-III 58_G_P, this work
MH423677 Poland: Greater Poland 4 68_G_P, this work
MH423678 Poland: Masovian 4 297WS_M, this work
AB934282.1 2014 Japan 1 Mekata et al. (2014)b
EF600696.1 1985 USA, subclone pBLV913 1 Derse, 1985 [42]
HE967301.1 2012 Uruguay 1 Moratorio et al. (2012)a
LC164084.1 2016 Japan 1 Murakami, 2016 [43]
AF257515.1 2000 Argentina 2 Dube, 2000 [44]
LC080655.1 2007 Paraguay 2 Polat, 2016 [19]
LC080654.1 2008 Peru 2 Polat, 2016 [19]
LC080662.1 2008 Bolivia 9 Polat, 2016 [19]
LC080666.1 2008 Bolivia 9 Polat, 2016 [19]
DQ288214.1 2005 Japan 3 Zhao, 2007 [22]
DQ288182.1 2005 USA 3 Zhao, 2007 [22]
DQ288222.1 2005 Costa-Rica 5 Zhao, 2007 [22]
DQ288228.1 2005 Costa-Rica 5 Zhao, 2007 [22]
LC080657.1 2007 Paraguay 6 Polat, 2016 [19]
LC080658.1 2007 Paraguay 6 Polat, 2016 [19]
LC154848.1 2014 Myanmar 10 Polat, 2017 [45]
LC154849.1 2014 Myanmar 10 Polat, 2017 [45]
  1. aMoratorio et al. (2012) unpublished, direct submission to GenBank
  2. bMekata et al. 2014, unpublished, presented and classified by Polat et al. 2017 [45]