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Table 1 The infectivity analysis of DNA-A alone and with betasatellite

From: Characterization, phylogeny and recombination analysis of Pedilanthus leaf curl virus-Petunia isolate and its associated betasatellite

Inoculums Plant infected/Plant inoculated (Nicotiana benthamiana) Plant infected/Plant inoculated (Petunia atkinsiana) Days to infection Symptoms
Exp 1 Exp 2 Exp 1 Exp 2   
PeLCV- [Acc # MF135486] 24/30 26/30 28/30 27/30 10–14 Stunted growth and upward leaf curling
PeLCV+DiYVB- [Acc # MF135486 + Acc # MF135487] 27/30 29/30 23/30 25/30 10–14 Downwards leaf curling, leaf swelling and vein yellowing
  1. Most of the inoculated plants showed infection after inoculation of DNA-A alone or in combination with betasatellite