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Fig. 3

From: Detection and genetic characterization of feline bocavirus in Northeast China

Fig. 3

Similarity plot analysis of the complete genomes from different genotype FBoV strains using a Kimura (2-parameter) model with a sliding window of 200 nt and a moving step size of 20 nt. (a) The genetic similarity plot of 16SY0602 (orange), 17HRB0511 (blue), 17CC0302 (red), 17CC0505(BoV1) (purple), FBoV-2/POR1 (green), FBoV-3/FBD1 (yellow), and FBoV-1/HK797U as a query sequence. (b) The similarity plot of the complete genome of 16SY0701 (red), 17CC0505(BoV2) (blue), FBoV-1/HK797U (black), FBoV-3/FBD1 (yellow), and FBoV-2/POR1 as a query sequence

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