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Fig. 6

From: De novo transcriptomic assembly and mRNA expression patterns of Botryosphaeria dothidea infection with mycoviruses chrysovirus 1 (BdCV1) and partitivirus 1 (BdPV1)

Fig. 6

KEGG pathway classifications of functional enrichment for DEGs in B. dothidea strains infection with mycovirus in the three groups of LW-CP a LW-C b and LW-P c respectively. The 20 top enriched KEGG pathways based on DEGs are listed. X axis represents enrichment factor. Y axis represents KEGG pathway name. Color shows Q-value (high: light blue, low: dark blue), the lower Q-value represents a degree of enrichment that is more significant. The size of dot represents the number of DEG (large size of dot: more DEGs; small size: less DEGs)

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