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Fig. 4

From: De novo transcriptomic assembly and mRNA expression patterns of Botryosphaeria dothidea infection with mycoviruses chrysovirus 1 (BdCV1) and partitivirus 1 (BdPV1)

Fig. 4

B. dothidea strains differentially expressed genes and cluster analysis of DEGs in response to single or mixed mycovirus chrysovirus 1 (BdCV1) and parititvirus 1 (BdPV1). a Number of DEGs: Blank and grey indicate the number of up-regulated and down-regulated genes, respectively. b Heat map of hierarchical clustering of DEGs. X-axis represents each sample: LW-CP, LW-C, and LW-P. Y-axis represents DEGs. Coloring indicates fold change (high: red, low: blue). c Venn diagrams illustrate the number of all up-regulated and down-regulated differentially expressed genes

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