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Table 3 H gene divergence/% identity between CDV sequences detected in samples collected from dogs in North Dakota and the America-1 lineage (Onderstepoort)

From: Phylogenetic analysis of the wild-type strains of canine distemper virus circulating in the United States

  S127 ND S101 ND S126 ND S100 ND Am. dog A1
S127 ND       
S101 ND 100      
S126 ND 99.74 100     
S100 ND 99.74 99.74 99.74    
Am. dog 97.567 97.77 97.4 97.67   
A1 90.89 92.31 91.08 93.28 91.88  
  1. Samples represented by assigned sample (S) number and state in which the dog was located. GenBank numbers: AF378705 (A1, America-1; Onderstepoort) and Z47762 (, American dog strain from 1992)