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Table 1 Study design and methodology

From: Immunogenicity of adenovirus-vector vaccine targeting hepatitis B virus: non-clinical safety assessment in non-human primates

Characteristic Schedule
No. of animals 25 males/25 females
Groups low-dose, mid-dose, high-dose, Ad5-null, and vehicle control group
Subcutaneous injection Weekly × 7
Day killed Days 46 and 71
Clinical signs Twice daily
Body weight and temperature Twice before injection, weekly after dosing
ECG Pre-injection, day 44, and day 67
Clinical pathology (hematology, serum chemistry) Pre-injection, day 21, day 44, and day 67
Serum IFN-γ Pre-injection, day 7, day 35, day 45, and day 68
Lymphocyte subsets Pre-injection, day 3, day 10, day 45, and day 68
Serum anti-Ad antibody, neutralizing antibody Pre-injection, day 7, day 21, day 45, and day 68
Systemic autopsy, organ weight, histopathology Day 46 and day 71
Hepatic IFN-γ, TNF-α, and IL-2