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Table 3 Differences between SH proteins among strains identical at the HVR2 region

From: Variability analysis and inter-genotype comparison of human respiratory syncytial virus small hydrophobic gene

Strains identical in HVR2 nucleotide sequences and differing in SH protein sequences Group Genotype Amino acid position Amino acid identity SH protein region
HR15–13 A NA1 2 G cytoplasmic
HR186–13 E
HR119–13 A NA1 2 E cytoplasmic
HR129–13 G
HR175–13 A NA1 2 G cytoplasmic
HR372–13 E
HR116–13 A NA1 11 S cytoplasmic
HR134–13 T
HR2033–12 A NA1 49 V ectodomain
HR110–15 A
RSV3234–12 A NA1 49–51 VFH ectodomain
HR40–14 B BA9 49, 51 T, F ectodomain
HR189–14 I, C
HR2154–12 B BA9 60 K ectodomain
HR2253–12 M
  1. Legend:- gap