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Fig. 5

From: Chinese woodchucks with different susceptibility to WHV infection differ in their genetic background exemplified by cytochrome B and MHC-DRB molecules

Fig. 5

A phylogenetic tree constructed using 789 bp fragments of MHC class II DRB1 genes from Chinese woodchucks. The sequences used in constructing the phylogenetic tree are as following: Sper-DRB from Spermophilus tridecemlineatus (XM005338933), Scur-DRB from Sciurus aberti aberti (M97616.1), Mamu-DRB1 from Macaca mulatta (EF362437.1), Ovar-DRB1 from Ovis aries (KM588646.1), Susc-DRB1 from Sus scrofa (EU431221.1), HLA-DRB1 from Homo sapiens (M33600.1)

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