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Fig. 5

From: Description and characterization of a novel live-attenuated tri-segmented Machupo virus in Guinea pigs

Fig. 5

JUNV viremia and viral titer in organs of guinea pig in the three conditions. a Blood samples were collected at 14 days post-infection in the retro-orbital sinus. Blood samples were centrifuged (1400 rpm for 3 min) to collect sera. Virus titers were determined, with a limit of detection at 102 TCID50/ml (dotted line). b Following the euthanasia of animals, organs (brain, spleen, lung, left kidney, heart and liver) were collected and stored at − 80 °C. Organs of animals #3 and #4 of the C #1/JUNV group were not collected because they were found dead with cadaveric rigidity. Collected organs were cut, weighted and crushed using Tissue Lyser in 400 μl PBS (ThermoFisher Scientific). Supernatant solutions were harvested and used for virus titration, with a limit of detection at 102 TCID50/mg (dotted line). The † indicated animals that either succumbed to the infection or were humanly euthanized before the end of the experiment

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