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Table 2 Use of the immunochromatography kit to detect chikungunya virus antigen in sera co-infected with dengue virus

From: Evaluation of an immunochromatography rapid diagnosis kit for detection of chikungunya virus antigen in India, a dengue-endemic country

  Group Criteria Sample Numbers IC kit Positive Numbers (%)
CHIKV+DENV co-infection Group D1 CHIKVq RT-PCR + ve /CHIKV IgM + ve 3 3 100
Group D2 CHIKVq RT-PCR + ve /CHIKV IgM-ve 6 6 100
Group D3 CHIKV qRT-PCR-ve /CHIKV IgM + ve 11 0 0
DENV Group D4 CHIKVq RT-PCR-ve /CHIKV IgM-ve 15 1 6.6