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Fig. 1

From: Metagenomic analysis of viruses associated with maize lethal necrosis in Kenya

Fig. 1

Geographic distribution of maize-infecting viruses in Kenya. a Representative pictures of asymptomatic and symptomatic plants sampled in this study. b Maize-growing areas and distribution of the main maize viruses detected in this study. Counties are color-coded to illustrate the combinations of viruses found. c Most abundant viruses detected and frequency of mixed infections in asymptomatic and symptomatic plants (68 samples total). d Other viruses detected in this study. Potyvirus and polerovirus are denoted by * and **, respectively. Reference accession number and length are provided. Number of de-novo assembled contigs, range of length and similarity to the reference genome is provided. Identity of samples contributing at least one contig is indicated

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