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Fig. 3

From: High serum levels of pregenomic RNA reflect frequently failing reverse transcription in hepatitis B virus particles

Fig. 3

Sequences of the core promoter and precore regions of HBV identified in serum from three patients. The sequences were obtained by Sanger sequencing of products from separate amplification of DNA and RNA. The RNA sequences represent a merge of data from the 5′ end (amplified by primers 1819F and 1966R) and the 3′ end (amplified by primers 1603F and 1882R) of pgRNA. The DNA sequences were obtained from PCR using primers 1603F and 2058R. ORF, open reading frame. The priming (1863–1866 in the 5′ loop) and primer recipient sites (nt 1824–1827 in the 3′ loop) are boxed

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