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Fig. 6

From: HIV-1 tat expression and sulphamethoxazole hydroxylamine mediated oxidative stress alter the disulfide proteome in Jurkat T cells

Fig. 6

The effect of Tat expression and SMX-HA-mediated oxidative stress on Prx1 oxidation in Jurkat T cells. Cells from the various cell lines were induced with 0, 400 or 1000 ng/ml Dox for 48 h, treated with 0. 5% DMSO or 100μM SMX-HA for 2 h followed by another 2 h incubation in media. The cells were then collected, cell lysates prepared and 25μg protein were dissolved in non-reducing loading buffer. The protein samples were run on 15% SDS-PAGE and transferred to membranes that were then probed with antibodies to Prx1. a A representative immunoblot showing oxidized dimers (labelled D on blots) and hyperoxidized monomers (labelled M on blots). b Quantification of the Prx1 monomer:dimer ratio in the Tat-expressing cell lines, presented as means ± S.E

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