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Fig. 4

From: HIV-1 tat expression and sulphamethoxazole hydroxylamine mediated oxidative stress alter the disulfide proteome in Jurkat T cells

Fig. 4

R2D SDS-PAGE of thiol proteins from control cell lines treated with SMX-HA. Samples from (a) Jurkat E6.1, (b) Jurkat-HIV, (c) GFP and (d) Jurkat E6.1 + 1000 ng/ml dox. The sample are from panel D was incubated for 40 h with 1000 ng/ml Dox prior to drug treatment. Cells from each of the various lines were then treated with 200 μM SMX-HA for 2 h, collected and the protein was isolated. Protein lysate (85 μg) was loaded onto the first dimension gel and run for 3 h followed by an overnight run of the second dimension gel. The gels shown in panels A and B are duplicated and shown as a reference in panels A and B of Fig. 5 and Additional file 1: Figure S1 and Additional file 2: Figure S2. On the left side of the diagonal on each gel are molecular weight protein standards that are enumerated the left of panels a and c

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