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Fig. 3

From: HIV-1 tat expression and sulphamethoxazole hydroxylamine mediated oxidative stress alter the disulfide proteome in Jurkat T cells

Fig. 3

R2D SDS-PAGE of thiol proteins formed by reduction of cellular protein-protein mixed disulphides. Samples from (a) Jurkat E6.1, (b) Jurkat-HIV, (c) Tat101, (d) Tat101GFP, (e) Tat72GFP and (f) Tat∆GFP, with panels c-f induced for 40 h with 1000 ng/ml Dox prior to DMSO treatment. The R2D gels in panels a and b are replicas of those seen in Fig. 2a and b respectively. Cells from each of the various lines were treated with 0.05% DMSO for 2 h, collected and the protein was isolated. Protein lysate (85 μg) was loaded onto the first dimension gel and run for 3 h followed by an overnight run of the second dimension gel. On the left side of the diagonal on each gel are molecular weight protein standards that are enumerated to the left of panels a, c and e

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