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Table 3 The amino acid mutations in the VP1 region of the 3 aVDPVs type 2

From: The detection of 3 ambiguous type 2 vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPV2s) in Uganda

Amino acid substitution in VP1 aR103K S106A [aI143T] I143V D144E aK169E
VDPVs Kamuli   Kamuli    Kamuli
Kisoro    Kisoro Kisoro Kisoro
Kween Kween Kween    
  1. The amino acid mutations in the VP1 of the 3 VDPVs from the 3 districts of Uganda are shown
  2. arepresents substitution identified in more than one VDPVs; []: neuro-virulence determinant within the antigenic site [41]