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Fig. 6

From: Development of leafhopper cell culture to trace the early infection process of a nucleorhabdovirus, rice yellow stunt virus, in insect vector cells

Fig. 6

RNAi induced by double-stranded RNAs dsN and dsP inhibited RYSV infection of VCMs. a-I VCMs were transfected with dsN, dsP or dsGFP and then inoculated with RYSV. At 72 h post RYSV inoculation, cells were immunolabeled with N-R and P-F, and examined with a confocal microscope. Bars, 10 μm. a-II Quantitative analysis of RYSV infected cultured cells was indicated with N-R antibodies by confocal microscopy at 72 h post RYSV inoculation (1200 cells/condition were counted, mean ± SD; **, p < 0.01). b Western blots of viral proteins from VCMs transfected with dsRNAs. N-, P- and M-specific antibody were used to detect N, P and M protein, respectively, at 84 hpi. Actin was used as the control and detected with β-actin-specific antibody. c Relative transcript levels of N, P and M genes for each treatment determined by qPCR. Three biological repeats were done. Data represent means ± SD and were analyzed using Student’s t-test; significance levels: *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01

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