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Fig. 3

From: Development of leafhopper cell culture to trace the early infection process of a nucleorhabdovirus, rice yellow stunt virus, in insect vector cells

Fig. 3

Subcellular localization of N and P of RYSV in viral-infected VCMs. a Localization of N and P at different times after RYSV inoculation. Samples were immunolabeled with antibody N-rhodamine (N-R) and P-FITC (P-F). Confocal immunofluorescence micrographs showed that labeling of N before P was imported into the nucleus and that N and P colocalized in the nucleus. b Infected VCMs at 72 h after RYSV inoculation and immunolabeled with antibody N-rhodamine (N-R), P-FITC (P-F) and viral-specific IgGs directly conjugated to Alexa 633 (V-633). Bars, 15 μm

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