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Table 2 Tests for the positive selected sites in HPV-58 E6 and E7

From: The polymorphisms of LCR, E6, and E7 of HPV-58 isolates in Yunnan, Southwest China

Regions Models lnL 2ΔlnL Positively selected sites
E6 M1 − 675.08 2.18 NA
M2 − 673.99 NS
M7 −675.13 2.28 NA
M8 −673.99 NS
E7 M1 − 499.87 18.92 NA
M2 − 490.41 63G**
M7 −499.84 18.86 NA
M8 −490.41 63G**
  1. lnL designates the log-likelihood; 2ΔlnL designates 2-fold as the lnL difference between the two models. Two asterisks (**) indicate the posterior probability ≥99% by BEB analysis and to be a positively selected site. NA designates not allowed, and NS designates the sites not reaching the significant level