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Table 1 Ebolavirus strains and related viruses used for RT-RPA-LFS assay

From: Ebolavirus diagnosis made simple, comparable and faster than molecular detection methods: preparing for the future

Filovirus Species Ebolavirus strain Accession Number Origin Date
Zaire ebolavirus Mayinga AF086833.2 Zaire 1976
Zaire ebolavirus Kikwit KR867676.1 Zaire 1995
Zaire ebolavirus Kissidougou KJ660346.1 Guinea 2014
Zaire ebolavirus Makona KJ660347.2 Guinea 2014
Zaire ebolavirus Makona-Gueckedou C05 KJ660348.1 Guinea 2014
Zaire ebolavirus Gueckedou C07 KJ660347.1 Guinea 2014
Related virus     
 Marburg marburgvirus Marburg virus Ravn EF446131 Kenya 1987
 Reston ebolavirus Reston virus FJ621585 Philippines 2008
 Sudan ebolavirus Sudan virus - Boniface AY729654 Uganda 2000