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Fig. 2

From: Genetic characterization of a novel picorna-like virus in Culex spp. mosquitoes from Mozambique

Fig. 2

Comparison of the deduced amino acid sequences of the non-structural proteins of CuPV-1 and 11 other picorna-like viruses. a Alignment of the conserved regions of the putative RNA helicase region. (Full names and references of these viruses are shown in Table 1). The motifs identified by Koonin and Dolja (1993) are labeled A, B, and C. b Alignment of the putative protease domain of CuPV-1 with those of other viruses. c Alignment of the putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase domain of CuPV-1 with those of other viruses, which are labeled I-VIII. The conserved residues are marked with asterisks (*) and residues that are identical in more than 60% of the sequences are shown in dark shades

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