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Fig. 1

From: Genetic characterization of a novel picorna-like virus in Culex spp. mosquitoes from Mozambique

Fig. 1

Schematic presentation of the genome of CuPV-1. The HTS reads were mapped back to the sequenced genome using Bowtie2 to display the coverage and sequence depth (upper panel). The ORF corresponds to the entire open box (lower panel). The numbers above the ORF indicate the nucleotide positions and below are the amino acid positions. In the box, the position of the putative structural proteins (1A to D) and the non-structural proteins (Leader peptide, L; Helicase; Protease; RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, RdRP) are shown. The dark areas in the ORF represent regions containing conserved sequences in the viral structural or the non-structural proteins. The dotted-arrow represents the identified cleavage site. The approximate positions of the structural and non-structural proteins were identified by the sequence similarity of other picorna-like viruses

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