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Table 1 Clinical, biological, and pregnancy characteristics, in EV+ patients

From: Adverse effects of maternal enterovirus infection on the pregnancy outcome: a prospective and retrospective pilot study

  Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Case 4
Parity 1 2 1 0
Gestational age at diagnosis (Weeks) 35 18 38 16
Reason for consultation Fever and contractions Headache Fever and contractions Fever and headache
EV infection test RT-PCR on maternal blood RT-PCR on CSF RT-PCR on maternal blood RT-PCR on maternal blood
Clinical condition
 Temperature (°C) 39° 38,8° 38,6° 39,5°
 Headache Yes, intense Yes
 Meningitis syndrome Yes
 ENT signs
 Digestive signs Vomiting
 Foot-hand-to-mouth syndrome
 Skin rash Yes: non-pruritic maculopapular
 Uterine contractions Yes Yes
 CRP (mg/l) 36 21 9 18
 WBC (10^3/mm3) 6,3 10,4 6,4 8,2
 Vaginal swab
 Blood culture
Pregnancy outcome
 Pregnancy termination
 Living birth Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Gestational age at delivery (Weeks) 37 + 4d 40 + 1d 38 + 6d (Triggering, suspicious FHR) 40 + 5d
 Neonatal complication Yes, Multivisceral failure
 Neonatal fever yes
 EV infection in new born confirmed, in CSF