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Fig. 5

From: Vast diversity of prokaryotic virus genomes encoding double jelly-roll major capsid proteins uncovered by genomic and metagenomic sequence analysis

Fig. 5

Genome maps for selected members of the PM2 group. Empty triangles denote direct (green) and inverted (red) terminal repeats. Genes are shown by block arrows drawn to scale. Dashed green boxes denote bacterial genes. Gene abbreviations: PolB, DNA polymerase type B; Rep, replication initiation protein; HTH, Helix-turn-helix domain protein; P3 and P8, homologs of PM2 phage structural proteins P3 and P8; V1 and V2, uncharacterized conserved proteins; DnaQ, DnaQ-like exonuclease; HNH, HNH endonuclease; SSB, single-stranded DNA-binding protein; DUF, domain of uncknown function

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