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Fig. 1

From: The truncated mutant HBsAg expression increases the tumorigenesis of hepatitis B virus by regulating TGF-β/Smad signaling pathway

Fig. 1

Formation of colonies in soft agar. The ratio of cell clones were less than 30% in L02-pHBV4.1-HBs(wt) (a) and L02-pHBV4.1-HBs(sW172L) (b), but well formed with a ratio of 60% in L02-pHBV4.1-HBs(sW172*) cell clones (c). Though the ratio of cell clones were less than 20% in either L02-pcDNA3.1 (d), L02-pcDNA-HBs(wt) (e), L02-pcDNA-HBs(sW172L) (f) and L02-pcDNA-HBs(sW172*) (g), the ratio of cell clones was more in L02-pcDNA-HBs(sW172*) than in other three groups

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