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Fig. 5

From: Effects of the S42 residue of the H1N1 swine influenza virus NS1 protein on interferon responses and virus replication

Fig. 5

3D prediction of NS1 protein and its mutants. (a) The 3D models of NS1 and the mutants predicted by SWISS-MODEL software. A: NS1; B: NS1 S42P; C: NS1 D92E; D: NS1 S42P/D92E. The 42 and 92 amino acid sites were labeled in the protein structural diagrams. (b) H-bonds between the mutant amino acid and neighboring amino acids. (A) serine 42; (B) proline 42; (C) aspartic acid 92; (D) glutamic acid 92. The light blue area is the ribbon of the 42 amino acid site, the light pink area is the ribbon of the 92 amino acid site. The green dotted line represents the H-bonds and the numbers represent the length of the H-bonds. The yellow area is the sidechain of 42 and 92 amino acid sites

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