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Table 1 List of the marmosets that were used in this study inoculated with clinically isolated dengue virus

From: Genotype-specific and cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies induced by dengue virus infection: detection of antibodies with different levels of neutralizing activities against homologous and heterologous genotypes of dengue virus type 2 in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

Type of infection Primary infection Secondary infection Tertiary infection Intervals between DENV infection Marmosets ID
Serotype (Genotype) Serotype (Genotype) Serotype (Genotype)
Primary infection
 Group 1 D1 (GI)     M1, M2
 Group 2 D1 (GII)     M3–1, M4–1, M5–1, M6,
 Group 3 D2 (Cosmopolitan)     M7–1, M8–1, M9–1, M10, M11, M12, M13, M14
 Group 4 D2 (Asian I)     M15–1, M16–1, M17–1, M18, M19, M20
 Group 5 D2 (Asian/American)     M21, M22, M23
Secondary infection
 Homologous genotype
  Group 6 D2 (Cosmopolitan) D2 (Cosmopolitan)   6 months M24, M25
 Heterologous genotype
  Group 7 D2 (Asian I) D2 (Cosmopolitan)   6 months M15–2, M16–2, M17–2, M26
 Homologous serotype
  Group 8 D1 (GII) D1 (GI)   7 months M3–2, M4–2, M5–2
 Heterologous serotype
  Group 9 D2 (Cosmopolitan) D1 (GI)   12 months M7–2, M8–2, M9–2
Tertiary infection
 Group 10 D2 (Asian I) D2 (Cosmopolitan) D1 (GI) 12 months M15–3, M16–3, M17–3
Primary infection with monovalent live-attenuated DEN vaccine candidate
 Group 11 D1 16007 PDK-13 (GII)     V1–1, V2–1, V3–1, V4–1
 Group 12 D2 16881 PDK-53 (Asian I)     V5–1, V6–1
Secondary infection
 Group 13 D1 16007 PDK-13 (GII) D1 (GI)   7 months V1–2, V2–2, V3–2, V4–2
 Group 14 D2 16881 PDK-53 (Asian I) D2 (Cosmopolitan)   6 months V5–2, V6–2, V7–1, V8
Tertiary infection
 Group 15 D2 16881 PDK-53 (Asian I) D2 (Cosmopolitan) D1 (GI) 12 months V5–3, V7–2