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Fig. 6

From: Rescue and characterization of recombinant cedar virus, a non-pathogenic Henipavirus species

Fig. 6

Cell-cell fusion kinetics of HeLa-USU cells mediated by rCedPV. a HeLa-USU cells in a 96-well plate were transfected with the indicated receptor and a plasmid encoding one half of a split-luciferase reporter protein. Concurrently HeLa-USU cells in a 6-well were infected or not (mock) with rCedPV-GFP (MOI 1.0) and transfected with the other half of the split-luciferase. Thirty-six hours post infection the cells were re-suspended and overlaid on the receptor expressing HeLa-USU cells in the 96-well plate. The live-cell luciferase substrate EnduRen was used to monitor the level of cell-cell fusion at the indicated time points. b The rate of fusion was calculated between hours 1 and 3 as the slope of the curve. The graphs are representative of two independent experiments performed in technical duplicates. Error bars indicate standard deviation

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