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Fig. 4

From: Longitudinal study of age-specific pattern of coronavirus infection in Lyle’s flying fox (Pteropus lylei) in Thailand

Fig. 4

Maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees of coronavirus (CoV) generated using 357 (a-Bat CoVs) and 299 (b-Lineage D βCoVs) nucleotides of the RdRp gene sequences of CoVs from Thailand; in LFF (this study-blue), other bat species from previous study in Thailand [15] (green), from Madagascar’s Pteropus rufus [17] (b, pink) and reference strains of CoVs group (black). Only the representative sequences of LFF βCoVs were used for analysis. The raxmlGUI 1.3 and the GTRI substitution model with 1000 bootstrap were used for generating both phylogenetic trees. Trees were visualized using FigTree 1.4.2. BuCoV/HKU11–934/Pyc_joc/CHN/2007/FJ376619 was used as an outgroup for tree A

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