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Table 2 Characteristics of canine calicivirus 3–68 and 48 [28]

From: Canine caliciviruses of four serotypes from military and research dogs recovered in 1963−1978 belong to two phylogenetic clades in the Vesivirus genus

  3–68 (1968)a 48 (1990)a
Membrane Filtration 50 μm passage (< 30 nm) NDb
EM 30–42 nm
35–40 nm
Chloroform/ether nonenveloped nonenveloped
Density 1.38 g/ml 1.38 g/ml
pH 3.0 Acid labile ND
Heat with MgCl2 Heat labile ND
Hemagglutination assay Negative at 4 °C, 25 °C, 37 °C, pH 5, pH 7 Negative at 4 °C, 37 °C
  1. aVirus name and year of specimen collection. Similar findings to the isolate 3–68 were observed for the other three isolates W191R, L198 T and A128T
  2. bND, not determined