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Table 2 Viruses species sequenced from the RNA pool and traced back in infected vegetables

From: Identification and genome analysis of tomato chlorotic spot virus and dsRNA viruses from coinfected vegetables in the Dominican Republic by high-throughput sequencing

Virus Species Virus Family DR Hosta Acession Number Genome Type
Bell pepper endornavirus (BPEV) Endornaviridae Sweet Pepper KX525267 dsRNA
Pepper cryptic virus 2 (PCV-2)
Partitiviridae Chilli Pepper KX525268 (RNA1) dsRNA
(RNA 2)
Southern tomato virus (STV) Amalgaviridae Tomato KX525266 dsRNA
Tomato chlorotic spot virus (TCSV)
Bunyaviridae Chilli Pepper;
Long Beans
KX525272 (L RNA) ssRNA
   KX525273 (M RNA)
   KX525274 (S RNA)
  1. aDR-Host – Comercial vetables coinfected by tospovirus and other dsRNA viruses in Dominican Republic