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Table 1 Primers used for amplification of virus sequences of symptomatic vegetables from Dominican Republic

From: Identification and genome analysis of tomato chlorotic spot virus and dsRNA viruses from coinfected vegetables in the Dominican Republic by high-throughput sequencing

Primer Name Sequence 5ʼ - 3ʼ Tm [°C] Anneling Temperature [°C]
Amalga – Fa TGG GTA TCG ACA AGC GCT AC 60.5 55
Amalga – Ra ACA TGT CGA AGG CCT CCT TG 60.5 55
Bell – Fb CGC TTC GAG CAT AAA AGC CC 60.5 55
Bell – Rb TGG CTT GCG CTT TTG TGT AC 58.4 55
Pep70 – Fc CAC CCG CAC ACA ATT AAC GG 60.5 55
Pep70 - Rc ACA CAT CTT CGG TCC GAC AC 60.5 55
Pep126 – Fd ACG CCC CCT ATA ACG CAA AA 58.4 55
Pep126 – Rd AAT GTC GCA AGG GCC CAT AA 58.4 55
  1. Melting temperature (Tm) and annealing temperature in PCR reaction are shown
  2. aPrimers to amplify Southern tomato virus (STV)
  3. bPrimers to amplity Bell pepper endornavirus (BPEV)
  4. cPrimers to amplity Pepper cryptic virus 2 (PCV-2) RNA 1
  5. dPrimers to amplify Pepper cryptic virus 2 (PCV-2) RNA 2