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Fig. 6

From: Identification and genome analysis of tomato chlorotic spot virus and dsRNA viruses from coinfected vegetables in the Dominican Republic by high-throughput sequencing

Fig. 6

Pepper cryptic virus 2 (PCV-2) phylogeny. Tree based on complete nucleotide sequences of deltapartitivirus species deposited on GenBank. The isolates are represented in the tree by the accessions numbers of the sequences and the collection point Nodes values with posterior probability > 50% are shown. Sequences were used to analyse the phylogenetic relationship of PCV-2 isolated in Dominican Republic (GenBank accession number KX525268 [RNA1] and KX525269 [RNA2]). Both RNAs of Dominican Republic PCV-2 isolate (GenBank accession number KX525268 [RNA1] and KX525269 [RNA2]) are more phylogenetic related to an American isolate and Asian isolates from China (GenBank accession number KX905078) and South Korea (GenBank accession number LC195295)

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