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Table 1 Collections and locations of samples analyzed

From: Ubiquitous giants: a plethora of giant viruses found in Brazil and Antarctica

Collections Type of sample Collection site Date of collection
Serra do Cipó
 13 samples Freshwater Serra do Cipó, MG, Brazil Jan.2015
 47 samples Soil Serra do Cipó, MG, Brazil Jan. 2015
Sewage creeks Pampulha
 110 samples Sewage Pampulha Creeks, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil Oct.2016
Farm Sewage
 30 samples Sewage Itaúna, MG, Brazil Nov. 2016
Water treatment station
 50 samples Freshwater COPASA, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil Dec. 2016
 7 samples Marine Water Antarctic Dec. 2014
Capybara Stool
 17 samples Stool Serra do Cipó, MG, Brazil
Pampulha, MG, Brazil
Serro, MG, Brazil
Pantanal, MS, Brazil
Dec. 2012
Dec. 2012
Dec. 2012
Minas Gerais Soil
 470 samples Soil MG, Brazil Jan. 2014
Pantanal soil
 12 samples Soil Pantanal, MT, Brazil Mar. 2015
Human nasopharyngeal aspirate
 200 samples Human nasopharyngeal aspirate Laboratório Central do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Nov. 2014
Bromeliads Water
 10 samples Freshwater Maceió, AL, Brazil Set. 2015
Mangrove water
 10 samples Mangroove water
Marine water
ES, Brazil Feb. 2015