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Table 2 Number of days for symptom appearance of rice accessions at 21 DPI

From: Pathogenicity of rice yellow mottle virus and screening of rice accessions from the Central African Republic

  Symptoms expression (DPI)
Accessions nRB-Inoculum susceptibility RB-Inoculum susceptibility
IR64 (control) 8 S 8 S
Azucena (control) 13 PR 11 S
Gigante (control) AS HR 11 S
Tog7291 (control) AS HR 13 S
IRAT 213 13 S 16 PR
ITA 9 S 10 S
Ndouroudamba 10 S 11 S
NL24 11 S 10 S
NL60 9 S 10 S
TCS10 8 S 8 S
Roc5 8 S 8 S
  1. All control cultivars are susceptible, partial resistant and highly resistant to nRB-Inoculum and RB-Inoculum
  2. (AS) indicates no symptoms observed, HR highly resistant and PR partial resistant