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Fig. 4

From: Single-walled carbon nanotubes modulate pulmonary immune responses and increase pandemic influenza a virus titers in mice

Fig. 4

Histopathological changes in mouse lung tissues after exposure to SWCNT and IAV. C57BL/6 mice were exposed to SWCNT (20 μg per mouse) on day 0 and then to IAV (3.2×104 TCID50 per mouse) on day 3. On day 7 mouse lungs were excised and paraffin sections were prepared. H&E stained lung sections were analyzed for pulmonary injury under brightfield microscopy (150X) for a Control, b SWCNT only, c IAV only, and d SWCNT + IAV groups. Select sections were stained with IAV antigen by immunohistochemistry (300X) for e IAV only exposure and f SWCNT + IAV. An example of g interstitial pneumonia and h cuboidal bronchiolar epithelium after SWCNT + IAV exposure are shown (610X)

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