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Fig. 1

From: Global phylogenetic analysis of contemporary aleutian mink disease viruses (AMDVs)

Fig. 1

Bayesian tree of the global distribution of partial NS1 sequences. Color coding of the tree given by the clusters: brown: Poland, dark green: Iceland, green: USA, turquois: Finland, blue: The Netherlands, purple: Italy, yellow: Estonia, grey: Latvia, lavender: China, orange: Sweden, pink: Lithuania, red: Canada, dark grey: Spain, aubergine color: Greece and black: Denmark. Single sequences outside clusters are named as mentioned in the text: AMDV_mink-f/w_country code_unique identifier_sampling date. “f” or “w” indicates if the mink was farmed or wild. Samples from the routine diagnostics were named with prefix “Diag”. Sequences from GenBank are named with their accession number and country code as suffix. A detailed tree can be found in the Additional file 1

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