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Table 1 The reported amino acid substitutions in the coding region of FMDV capsid

From: The pH stability of foot-and-mouth disease virus

FMDV Amino acid substitutions Reference
A12, A119   E131Kb, D133Sb   A3Sb [28]
A1061    H142Ra, H142Fa, H142Da   [13]
A IND 40/2000    H142Rb, H142Fb, H142Ab, H142Da   [30]
Asia1/YS/CHA/05   H145Y a, G192Db K153Eb N17D a [18]
Asia1/JS/05    H140La, H143La   [43]
SAT2, SAT3    H145b   [57]
O1BFS, A1061,
A22 Iraq
   H142a, H145a   [29]
O/YS/CHA/05 9A S73 Nb D86Ab   N17D a [17]
C-S8c1   F34 Lb D9Vb N17D a [14]
C-S8c1   H145Ya   N17D a [15]
C-S8c1   D106Gb A123Tb, A118Va   [12]
C-S8c1   G193Cb D115Eb, A116Ta, A118Va, A116Va V11Ia, T12Aa, T12Ib,
D17Gb, Y18Hb, T22 Na
O1K    T156Aa T12Na, T2Aa [16]
  1. aThe proved amino acid residues with pH stability or lability
  2. bThe selected ones which are not found to be responsible for acid sensitivity of FMDV