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Fig. 5

From: Geraniin extracted from the rind of Nephelium lappaceum binds to dengue virus type-2 envelope protein and inhibits early stage of virus replication

Fig. 5

Effect of geraniin on the time of addition. a DENV-2 Replication in Vero cells. Vero cells were infected with 6.74 × 104 PFU/ml DENV-2. At selected intervals, intracellular RNA was isolated and DENV-2 RNA levels were quantified using SYBR Green dye-based qRT-PCR assay. Plotted absolute number of viral RNA copy in log scale per μl of RNA used for qRT-PCR. (b) Geraniin or the control compound was added to DENV-2 infected Vero cells at different time points after infection. Addition of compounds was conducted up to 24 h before the cells were harvested at 48 h p.i. Samples were subjected to RNA extraction and later to two-step qRT-PCR. Absolute quantification of viral load in treated samples was conducted using the standard curve method. Percentage of inhibition was calculated based on the amount of viral RNA in treated samples compared with untreated controls. Geraniin was effective in inhibiting DENV-2 RNA synthesis when it was added at earlier time-points post-infection. Data represent mean values ±SEM

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