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Fig. 2

From: A cheap and open HIV viral load technique applicable in routine analysis in a resource limited setting with a wide HIV genetic diversity

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic characterization of the discordant samples between Abbott. Real-Time HIV-1 and Generic HIV Viral Load. Phylogenetic tree based on unambiguously aligned nucleotides from the Gp41 region (386 bp). Sequences from the three samples with discordant results on Abbott and Biocentric platforms are shown in bold. The subgroup of reference sequences representative of HIV-1 group O is indicated in the name of the sequence (H = head and T = tail). Two HIV-1 group M sequences, B.FR.83.HXB2 LAI IIIB BRU.K03455 and 02 AG.NG.x.IBNG.L39106 were used as outgroups. The analysis was performed as described in Methods section (Sequence analysis)

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