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Fig. 2

From: Interferon-γ-inducible protein 16 (IFI16) is required for the maintenance of Epstein-Barr virus latency

Fig. 2

Activation of EBV lytic cycle by TPA in latency I infected Akata cells. a Immunoblot of IFI16, EBV (Ea-D p52/50), and GAPDH in the EBV-positive Akata cells either untreated or treated with 30 ng/ml TPA for the indicated time. All bands were normalized to their respective level of GAPDH and the fold change was calculated relative to the uninduced sample. h.p.i., hours post induction. b EBV-negative BJAB cells were left uninduced or induced with 30 ng/ml TPA for the indicated time, followed by immunoblotting as done in A. c Real time DNA PCR for the relative EBV genome copy number. Primers specific to the latent EBNA1 gene were used and the level of DNA was normalized against β-tubulin. d & e Real time qRT-PCR of mRNA levels from uninduced to 96 h post TPA induction in Akata cells for IFI16 (d) or the four major gene classes of EBV genes in Akata cells (e). Total RNA was extracted and mRNA levels analyzed by real-time RT-PCR using gene-specific primers that were normalized against β-tubulin mRNA levels. All values are represented as the relative amount compared to the uninduced control (time zero). Results are presented as ± SD of data from at least three independent experiments and statistical analysis was done with a Student’s t test. **, P < 0.01; ***, P < 0.001; ns, not significant

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